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Greg Weinstein

Founder & CEO

Greg Weinstein is a Data Strategist and Digital Content Executive who has managed creative development and production for some of the world’s leading entertainment brands. Weinstein pioneered digital content strategy for A&E, History, Univision, and Comcast. With his roots in production and storytelling, he approaches the use of data as a fundamental tool to deliver engaging content to the masses.


Steven Lewis

Investor / Advisor

Steven Lewis is an Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Communications Strategist, specializing in the entertainment industry.  He’s a messaging guru who understands the more you know about your audience, the greater the chance to make a lasting impact.  He came to Audience Genomics after a production background and 15 years as an internal presentation producer for marketing divisions at Universal, Warner Bros., Hulu, Paramount, Fox, and Sony Pictures Animation.


Stephen Esposito

Investor / Advisor

Stephen Esposito is the Managing Partner of SPO Capital Investments, a private equity and strategic consulting firm specializing in identifying, funding and scaling small to medium-sized disruptive businesses. Mr. Esposito has himself founded, grown and sold multiple businesses throughout his career and started SPO Capital to assist other entrepreneurs in profitably growing their businesses.  Most recently Mr. Esposito served as a senior executive at TransUnion LLC, headquartered in Chicago, IL, to assist TransUnion in the integration of Driver’s History LLC, the latest company Mr. Esposito founded and sold.

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